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Devil’s Den Facts:

The cave is a geological feature called a karst; a term which applies to conditions where there has been a collapse of the earth that creates a direct fenestration from the surface to the aquifer.

The water you see is part of the Floridan Aquifer.  This area of Florida is part of the Rainbow Springs Basin which includes Paynes Prairie, Eastern Levy County and Western Marion County (about 700 square miles).  It is characterized by limestone deposits that date back to the Pleistocene Epoch (2 million to 10,000 years ago).  As water levels vary up and down, it is common for there to be collapses below which create sink holes.  Sometimes these are large enough to reach the aquifer, which is how the cave was formed.

The age of the cave has been dated to between 10,000 and 75,000 years old.  Exploration by numerous groups have mapped the cave and have found fossil and geological evidence dating to this period.  The University of Florida Natural History Museum has an articulated extinct bear skeleton that was recovered from this cave which was dated back to about 10.000 years. (Tremarctos Floridanus)

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