About Us


Why did we chose Florida?

We bought the property in 2001, partly  because it sits next to Devil's Den Springs, and partly because it is the home of a beautiful Live Oak Tree that we fell in love with. This tree's presence spoke to us of longevity, stability, and shelter, which is just what we  were looking for in a new home.  So, this wonderful old tree created a hammock and a couple hawks seemed to like it as much as we did and the  name, 'Two Hawk Hammock', just sort of popped out of our mouths at the  same time and we never questioned why. The tree has many far reaching  limbs that welcome all sorts of interesting folks.  We hope you will be  one of them. Come visit the wood shop; take a hand crafted soap class; go for a  carriage ride; or just sit and watch the emus and horses wander in the  pasture.  


What makes this house unique?

Two Hawk Hammock is next door to Devil's  Den Springs which is a prehistoric sink hole and world famous scuba  diving resort.  Located between Gainesville and Ocala.  Approximately 1  1/2 hours from Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa. Very little traffic  with unique antique shopping and easy access to groceries, gas, and  drugstore.      


Save the Date for the annual Two Hawk Country Circus: Oct 13 & 14, 12-5pm!

This family friendly event offers live music and circus shows, arts & crafts vendors, food and more!